Weather Related

I’m learning to relax and let the weather be whatever it is. I’ve learned that it does no good to complain about the rain, humidity, frigid temperatures. What I really need to do is prepare for the weather. If it’s cold I wear a coat or jacket. If it’s raining take an umbrella. If its…. you get the picture.  I really believe that all of us who find ourselves struggling a bit in a bumpy, slumpy economy should accept the things we can’t change and learn to “weather” it.

My mom used to say,”when life hands you lemons…make lemonade“.  I think we have a similar situation here. We all have to deal with similar issues, but it’s our outlook on these that usually determine the outcome. This morning, I’m enjoying listening to the birds chirping on this crisp, cool April morning. Tomorrow, I might just have to grap the umbrella.  I’m going to work hard today and everyday honoring the values that I believe in – no matter what the weather!  I’m just saying….

Dwayne Hicks, REALTOR
United Country West Georgia Realty
Carrollton, GA 30117

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