Sowing Seeds

It’s spring time in Georgia – actually it feels a bit like winter is sticking around. It’s “blackberry winter” I think. It is the time of year when many people begin planting their Gardens.  They plow the ground and get it prepared to receive the seed. They plant the seeds and then wait for the seed to die and give way to a new plant that produces food and even more seed to be planted another time.

I thought about how this connects to our culture and my work as REALTOR.  Those of us in the serving roles in our society, should consider sowing lots of seeds into peoples lives. There are times when I visit with someone who wants to sell their house and the market says that they are out of price – in fact the market reveals that they are “upside down” in their mortgage – they owe more than the house is worth. I must speak honestly about the situation and encourage them to “ride this economy out” a while before selling.  I must resist the urge to say what they want to hear, just so they will like me or list the property with me. I must sow seeds of honesty, fairness and truth into their lives. I believe that sort of business practices will produce a bumper crop of business later. I must keep my eyes on the big picture.

As a believer, I want to honor God with my choices and He speaks of sowing seeds as well.  I think I will bundle up and go sow some seeds today!!

Pressing on!!

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