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Being a leader is an important work. Not everyone is wired for leadership. I actually think that some leaders are not wired for leadership. They have been chosen for leadership because of their name or heritage. I do believe that leadership is a skill to be learned than it is a gift that’s been bestowed. I’ve said many times before that leaders have to be followers first.

The leaders in Israel have quit following the Lord. They are now ignoring the very Person who installed them in leadership positions. Ezekiel is sent to lay out the punishment from The Lord. Check this out….

26 Israel’s priests do cruel things to my teachings and do not honor my holy things. They make no difference between holy and unholy things, and they teach there is no difference between clean and unclean things. They do not remember my Sabbaths, so I am dishonored by them. 27 Like wolves tearing a dead animal, Jerusalem’s leaders have killed people for profit. 28 And the prophets try to cover this up by false visions and by lying messages. They say, ‘This is what the Lord God says’ when the Lord has not spoken. 29 The people cheat others and steal. They hurt people who are poor and needy. They cheat foreigners and do not treat them fairly. (Ezekiel 22:26-29 NCV)

The Lord is the Creator of everything including leaders. He will lead the leader IF they will listen and follow His instructions.

LincolnI’m reading a great book about Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President of these United States. I am blown away by his leadership giftedness. He was incredibly discerning and wise. He was also a man who knew the Lord. He led the nation through the darkest hours of its existence and stood for what was right in the face of struggle. He led from conviction that was deep within even though he took input from the wise council around him. I want to be led by leaders like Lincoln.  I want to be led by the Lord, the Leader of leaders!

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