Interview With A Local Business Owner

I was having my tires rotated early this morning and since they weren’t busy, the owner and I had a general conversation about life. He spoke of how he used to have quite an inventory of used tires, but now he has very few used tires to sell because so many people are buying used tires instead of new tires. It comes down to being able to afford a new set of tires.

He said, “Dwayne I had planned to retire about three years ago, but I can at least come to work and try to sell some tires instead of sitting at home doing nothing.” He continued, “in fact it really makes sense to come to work to help keep the costs of hiring someone in my place”. Here’s a gentlemen who is 71 years old and still working. I do trust him and the service he offers.

The conversation was sobering because I just might have to keep selling real estate when I get his age. There is no doubt a lot of pain in this economic recession.

The tough keep going and hammer out a living.

Pressing on!

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