Information is HUGE!

In our culture today, we have access to more information than ever before. We can shop, ship, design, sell, trade, research, etc… from the comfort of our PC connected to the internet. It is crucial for those of us who work in the marketplace to help others understand and assimilate all the information that is at their fingertips.

For example, if you get your information through the news each day, you are also getting their understanding of the news along with the news. I would suggest a closer look at the information from all angles before coming to a conclusion about what is really going on. I just heard last evening on the news that the market is heating up and that we’re on the road to recovery. When I speak with my friends and neighbors (gathering more information and understanding their situations) I find a different story. There are many people who believe this economic slump could last for 5 more years.

I’m not suggesting you call everyone who gives information a liar, but I am saying it’s a great idea to check it out and look behind the information. After all, the amount of information seems unlimited online!!

Pressing on!!

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