Young & Old

handThere are things I learned a long time ago and things I learned just yesterday. I really enjoy learning new ideas and concepts. I’m still growing and learning as a believer and a student of God’s Word. I’m also still growing as a husband and Dad. I’m growing as a REALTOR as well. I really want to be a life-long learner. My recent certification as a Biblical Counselor requires continuing education to keep my certification. My profession as a REALTOR requires continuing education to keep my license active. I do wish I had enjoyed learning when I was a young man as much as I do now.

Jesus added a statement to one of His parable explanation. I have somehow missed this in my study over the years. It really intrigued me. He compares heaven to a homeowner – whom I work with every day. Check this out….

52 Then he added, “Every teacher of religious law who becomes a disciple in the Kingdom of Heaven is like a homeowner who brings from his storeroom new gems of truth as well as old.” (Matthew 13:52 NLT)

This was a new category of disciple. A religious teacher who became a disciple of Jesus. Most of the religious teachers where combative of Jesus’ teaching. There were a few and they were special. I consider myself somewhat old and I still want to discover new truth from the Word of God. I don’t want to rest on what I’ve learned at this point. I view home as my hideaway. I love going home and relaxing with my family. I love hanging out with my wife. I don’t have to be busy at home, even though sometimes I am. Tina & I cleaned out our pantry, which is a good-sized room with tons of shelving and where we keep our food. We did find a few things we didn’t’ remember having because they were hidden behind the pasta or one of our cooking vessels. I bring stuff home all the time and promptly misplace it. Home is where I spend time with the Lord each morning. Home would not be home without my family. A house is a structure that can be made into a home.

I loved this statement of Jesus about a homeowner bringing from his storehouse new gems of truth as well as old. I want to keep learning new gems of truth from His Word as well as solidifying the old gems learned years ago.

Pressing On!


Wise Counsel Needed

Senior Man - WisdomI have been blessed with wise council over the years from my parents and grand parents to people whom I’ve worked with over the years. The first minister I served on staff with taught me good discipline in my work ethic. There are some jobs where you can “look” incredibly busy and not really be doing anything of substance. My others wise counselors served as unofficial mentors for me. I can’t begin to put into words how grateful I am to each one.

Joash was 7 years old when he became king and he was led by a godly man named Jehoiada. When Jehoiada died, the “wheels came off” so to speak. Check this out….

15 Now Jehoiada was old and full of years, and he died at the age of a hundred and thirty. 16 He was buried with the kings in the City of David, because of the good he had done in Israel for God and his temple.

17 After the death of Jehoiada, the officials of Judah came and paid homage to the king, and he listened to them. 18 They abandoned the temple of the Lord, the God of their ancestors, and worshiped Asherah poles and idols. Because of their guilt, God’s anger came on Judah and Jerusalem. 19 Although the Lord sent prophets to the people to bring them back to him, and though they testified against them, they would not listen. (2 Chronicles 24:15-19 NIV)

As I reflect on my mentors I learned so many things that are still a part of who I am today. Here are just a few ( no particular order):

  1. Discipline – get up on time and get to work early.
  2. Planning – make a list of things that need to be accomplished today.
  3. Appointments – plan for extra appointments throughout the day along with the ones already on the schedule.
  4. Dress Code – appropriate dress sets the tone for meeting new people I need the right tone set – dress for the occasion.
  5. Mistakes – own them and do your best to remedy them.
  6. Family – invest carefully and regularly in my children, they are my first priority in relationships a close second behind my relationship to God.
  7. Love – genuinely love others and put them in front of yourself.

I miss my mentors that have gone on before or moved away. I’m thankful for my partner/mentor Mitt Conerly, Sr. whom I serve with at Metro West Realty. He continually teaches me with great patience and wisdom. I told someone the other day that he has forgotten more than I know about Real Estate.

I want to always be teachable. I want to keep learning and growing from wise counsel until I die.

Pressing On!


Education is Power


Knowledge Triumphs Over Ignorance - Learn to Grow and WinWe have more educational opportunities at our fingertips than ever before in the history of our existence. I remember as a kid, my parents purchasing the Encyclopedia Britannica for us to have educational tools in our home for research and background information. There we like 30 volumes and I can still remember where they were on the bookshelf. Today we have Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia. We also have Google & YouTube do search for information.

There have been many incidents where the most educated person at the table brings a lot of power with his/her education. I believe there is great value in studying and continuing to learn. I’ve said many times that I want to be a life-long learner.

I was reading this morning about a young king who believed in education. Check this out…

7 In the third year of his reign he sent his officials Ben-Hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel and Micaiah to teach in the towns of Judah. 8 With them were certain Levites—Shemaiah, Nethaniah, Zebadiah, Asahel, Shemiramoth, Jehonathan, Adonijah, Tobijah and Tob-Adonijah—and the priests Elishama and Jehoram. 9 They taught throughout Judah, taking with them the Book of the Law of the Lord; they went around to all the towns of Judah and taught the people.

10 The fear of the Lord fell on all the kingdoms of the lands surrounding Judah, so that they did not go to war against Jehoshaphat. (2 Chronicles 17:7-10 NIV)

I believe that there is great value in education and learning. I love learning new things and growing in knowledge and understanding. I hate being in a situation where I’m uninformed and uneducated. I think much of our education today is “self-taught” and that is not necessarily a bad thing. If we want to know something we can push a button on our phone and ask Siri or Google just about anything.

I want to keep studying the Word of God so that I can continue to learn the Heart of God. I want to know more of His Wisdom. I want to know more of His ways and thoughts. I want to know more about what breaks His heart or what makes Him smile. I’m in a class at church called “How People Change” taught by our pastor Shannon Lovelady and it’s really making me take a look at what I know about God and what is going on inside my heart.

I can become the most amazing brilliant scholar and if my heart is corrupt –I’m lost. I need daily heart change to become more like God. I need to take my pursuit of God very seriously. I could have deep knowledge of God, but without His love in my heart –my pursuit of Him didn’t change me. I want His Word planted deep in my heart – that doesn’t create power – it calls for surrender.

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Higher Education

As I was going through “grade school” at Knifley Elementary and then high school at Adair County High School, I wasn’t sure how much education I was getting. There is so much pressure on the social aspect of school that not as much “book learning” takes place. After graduation from High School I moved to Knoxville, TN as became a student at Johnson Bible College, now known as Johnson University Tennessee. I did learn a lot about the Lord and about myself. I learned even more about relationships and their importance. I met most all of my life-long friends at college. After 10 years of ministry, I enrolled in “West Georgia College (now knows as University of West Georgia” and began to study adolescent counseling. I feel like this degree brought a lot of my education together. It was a practical degree in that I could use the principles in my ministry and in my home life with three small children. I still have mixed feelings about the education system that I was part of. I see kids who after high school learn a trade and take off growing in life. Their “higher education” comes through the school of experience. Often the ones with the degree have the same teacher when they get on the job.

The book of Daniel starts out with them being taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar and they were chosen because of their good physical appearance. The food they were given to eat went directly against their belief so the asked the person in charge to test them for 10 days and simply give them vegetables and water. After the 10 days were up, they looked healthier than the others. Check this out..

17 To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.

18 At the end of the time set by the king to bring them into his service, the chief official presented them to Nebuchadnezzar. 19 The king talked with them, and he found none equal to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah; so they entered the king’s service. 20 In every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king questioned them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom. (Daniel 1:17-20 NIV)


The Lord provided a “higher education” for these 4 young men who became strategically placed in the court of Nebuchadnezzar. Their future was very bright and promising but their education came from the Lord who protected and provided for them.

I would rather go the Lord’s school of business first and then learn the other details later. The Lord has blessed my education and my work experience to lead me to where I am today. He uses all of my life in the past to educate for today.

Pressing On!