When God Moves

One of the things I love my job as a REALTOR is that I get to be out driving and seeing God’s beautiful creation. I live and work in the beautiful West Georgia area. We have some beautiful lakes, streams and countryside nearby.  I’ve lived in this area long enough to get to know a lot of people. I love the people of West Georgia. Overall, the majority of people here loves and respects God.  I’ve seen God move in to peoples hearts and change them powerfully.  King David reflects on a time when his enemies seemed to have the upper hand, until God moved. Check this out….

 1 God, listen to my complaint.
    I am afraid of my enemies;
       protect my life from them.
 2 Hide me from those who plan wicked things,
       from that gang who does evil.
7 But God will shoot them with arrows;
       they will suddenly be struck down.
 8 Their own words will be used against them.
       All who see them will shake their heads.
 9 Then everyone will fear God.
       They will tell what God has done,
       and they will learn from what he has done.
 10 Good people will be happy in the Lord
       and will find protection in him.
       Let everyone who is honest praise the Lord. (Psalm 64:1-2;7-10 NCV)

I believe everyone should have a healthy respect for the Lord. He can do anything He wants, when He wants. He is mighty to save. He is wise beyond words. He understands like no one else. He knows me completely. He knows my thoughts. He knows my capability.

 I want God to move in my heart. I want Him to continually shape me to be like Him. I want what He wants. I want Him to move me to do what He wants. I want to know that He and I are on the same page in everything. I am who I am because of Him. I am where I am because of Him. I want Him to keep moving in me and through me for His will and His way. There is a joy and peace that comes from His Presence and His moving in me that is hard to explain but harder to live without.


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