Water pouring into glassThe liquid called water is to the earth what blood is to my body. The earth could not function without it and neither could I. Our bodies are made up largely of water. I know what it’s like to be thirsty. I’m not been so desperately thirsty that I thought I was literally going to die of thirst.  I’ve learned that it’s much healthier to drink water, than the southern favorite…sweet iced tea.  I had a guy asked if I showered in iced tea or coke – of course the answer was no. He asked then why do you wash the inside of your body with that junk. He was advocating that I should drink water almost exclusively.

Ezekiel tells two stories back to back and they are depressing stories – funeral stories. The stories remind Israel of how things used to be. The people brought this destruction upon themselves. Check this out…

10 “‘Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard,

    planted beside the water.

The vine had many branches and gave much fruit,

    because there was plenty of water.
11 The vine had strong branches,

    good enough for a king’s scepter.

The vine became tall

    among the thick branches.

And it was seen, because it was tall

    with many branches.
12 But it was pulled up by its roots in anger

    and thrown down to the ground.

The east wind dried it up.

    Its fruit was torn off.

Its strong branches were broken off

    and burned up.
13 Now the vine is planted in the desert,

    in a dry and thirsty land. (Ezekiel 19:10-13 NCV)

 I believe that the Word of God nurtures my soul like water nurtures my body. I must study the Word of God and seek to know the very heart of God. This passionate journey keeps my soul alive and healthy bursting forth with life. The Spirit of God speaks into my life through the Word. I can’t begin to explain how my perspective has changed after drinking from the refreshing Word of God each day. I am forever changed and it refreshes me in ways I never thought of.

I want to stay connected to the life giving water of God. He is the Source of Life and I must put the roots of my life deep into Him and His call upon my life. I want to stay connected to Him all the days of my life here on earth!

Pressing On!

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