I have noticed warning signs before. I especially noticed speeding signs that say “Radar Enforced” or “Strictly Enforced”. There are other times when I see the speed limit sign and it doesn’t have the same effect. When I see a police car ahead, I automatically let off the accelerator. Some warnings affect me differently than others. In fact my weather alarm went off in the middle of the night warning of bad weather. I usually pay close attention to that, especially if they warn of tornados.

Jeremiah was the warning signal for the people of Judah and Israel. He was warning them of God’s punishment because of their disobedience. Check this out…

So this is what the Lord says: You have not obeyed me. You have not given freedom to your fellow Hebrews, neither relatives, no friends. But now I will give freedom says the Lord, to war, to terrible diseases, and to hunger. I will make you hated by all the kingdoms of the earth. (Jeremiah 34:17 NCV)

 The Lord is clear about how I am to live and treat others. I must pay close attention to His clear-cut call to love and respect others. He is the Creator of all and He clearly spells out how He wants me to live.

When Jesus came, He brought the law of Love into being. He delivered grace and mercy with His life, His death and resurrection. I can’t imagine not wanting to heed the warnings delivered by the most Grace-filled God – full of grace, mercy and justice.

 Pressing On!

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