Vision – Clarity or Confusion

GlassesI have most recently had a bit of trouble with my vision. First of all, I’m getting old and my vision has been “sliding” a bit. I’ve had bifocals for a few years and I still have trouble with them. So my distance vision AND my close up vision have fallen off and I have to wear some sort of corrective eyewear all the time.  The “Eye Doctor” keeps adjusting the different lenses until he finds which corrective powered lens helps my vision the best.

The type of vision that sees in the here and now is quite different from having a vision that allows you to see into the future.  I have experienced the vision that gives me insight and awareness of the present and I’ve also experienced a vision of what the future might look like.

In Belshazzar’s first year as king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream. He saw visions as he was lying on his bed, and he wrote down what he had dreamed. (Daniel 7:1 NCV)

Visions can cause confusion if their meaning is unclear. However, vision can also give great clarity to the journey ahead.  Daniel was wise to write down what he saw for future reference.  After seeing some really weird stuff, things got crystal clear! Check this out….

13 “In my vision at night I saw in front of me someone who looked like a human being coming on the clouds in the sky. He came near God, who has been alive forever, and he was led to God. 14 He was given authority, glory, and the strength of a king. People of every tribe, nation, and language will serve him. His rule will last forever, and his kingdom will never be destroyed. (Daniel 7:13-14 NCV)

As Daniels vision got clearer, He realized the hope we have in the Son of God. He was given insight into the future. I believe great leaders follow the Lord and He gives them great vision regarding the path ahead. Great leaders cast vision but only after they’ve received clarity. I believe following the Lord will give great clarity to what the future holds. I believe that God still using visions to communicate the direction and sometimes the destiny of our journey! I’m going to keep writing down what ever He speaks into my heart via vision or His Word.

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