The Writing On The Wall

I’ve heard that phrase used many times to describe impending doom or failure. The writing on the wall was supernatural and that saying comes from Daniel 5. The new king of Babylon is the son of Nebuchadnezzar and his name is Belshazzar. He gives this huge banquet and decides that for kicks, he will use the cups that were seized from the temple of God. He invites all his guests to drink from these cups. He obviously has no respect for God or the things of God. While the party is going strong and they were toasting their gods using these cups, Women hand(Daniel 5:5 NCV)

The king was totally freaked out. He turned pale, his knees were weak and he asked for his wise men and magicians to come tell him what this meant.  He offered prizes and power to anyone who could tell him what the writing mean. They had no idea what this meant. His mother remembered that Daniel had interpreted dreams for Nebuchadnezzar. He called for Daniel and he was ushered in. Daniel made it clear that he had no interest in the prizes or the power. He began his interpretation describing how God had made Nebuchadnezzar important and given him lots of power. Check this out….

20 “But Nebuchadnezzar became too proud and stubborn, so he was taken off his royal throne. His glory was taken away. 21 He was forced away from people, and his mind became like the mind of an animal. He lived with the wild donkeys and was fed grass like an ox and became wet with dew. These things happened to him until he learned his lesson: The Most High God rules over every kingdom on earth, and he sets anyone he chooses over those kingdoms.

22 “Belshazzar, you already knew these things, because you are a descendant of Nebuchadnezzar. Still you have not been sorry for what you have done. 23 Instead, you have set yourself against the Lord of heaven. You ordered the drinking cups from the Temple of the Lord to be brought to you. Then you and your royal guests, your wives, and your slave women drank wine from them. You praised the gods of silver, gold, bronze, iron, wood, and stone that are not really gods; they cannot see or hear or understand anything. You did not honor God, who has power over your life and everything you do. 24 So God sent the hand that wrote on the wall. (Daniel 5:20-24 NCV)

The writing on the wall was meant specifically for King Belshazzar.  The writing on the wall announced his impending doom. He was killed that night and the kingdom was divided.

I would be wise to give the Lord credit for everything good that happens in my life. His is really in charge and I’m simply His servant. My actions should honor Him and not be self-serving. I must follow His instructions. I must show respect and honor to the One Who is really in charge of my life!

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