The Scoop

I think “the scoop” is a disguised term for “gossip”.  I hate to admit it, but I sometimes enjoy hearing gossip about others. I don’t always recognize gossip right away. Sometimes it comes in the form of a story and sometimes even a prayer request. Getting the scoop on someone else sometimes makes me feel special or maybe even a bit superior.  I often feel real convicted when I catch myself being the recipient of gossip. It’s like getting started and you can’t get it stopped. There are peoples lives that have been destroyed by gossip.  Solomon speaks to this subject. Check this out..

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
20 Without wood, a fire will go out,
       and without gossip, quarreling will stop.
 21 Just as charcoal and wood keep a fire going,
       a quarrelsome person keeps an argument going.
 22 The words of a gossip are like tasty bits of food;
       people like to gobble them up. (Proverbs 26:20-22 NCV)

 I’m determined to have my “scoop” antennas up and ready to pick up on gossip.  I don’t want to give it the fuel it needs to keep going. I want to be quick to recognize it and cut it off.

Gossip is a perfect example of how my words can steal, kill and destroy others. I want my words to be life giving instead of life taking. I want to be a peace loving and peace living person. As far as it depends on me, I want to get along with every person on the planet. The people who don’t like me….well I’ll just have to deal with that (it’s their loss!  lol), but I don’t want to gossip about them either.

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