Stop It!

Stop HandI’m calling for an abrupt end to what he’s doing right now! I’ve used these two words often as a parent to get my children to “cease and desist” from some crazy behavior, or loud behavior that’s driving me crazy! Usually when I first use these two words, I add the word “please” to the front of it. If they persist, then I raise my volume and the tone of my voice to demand that they stop what they are doing.  I think it’s important to note that there are times when the niceties are absent because there’s an urgency to stop something because of impending danger. For example – crossing the street in front of an oncoming car. This situation calls for a loud, urgent command to “stop”!

Ezekiel was the mouthpiece of God to the people of Israel. The Lord has had enough of their unfaithfulness and through Ezekiel He commands it to stop. Check this out….

 6 “So say to the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Lord God says: Change your hearts and lives, and stop worshiping idols. Stop doing all the things I hate. (Ezekiel 14:6 NCV)

There are some habits that are hard to break. It may take months for the smoker to stop smoking. It may even take a patch or something to assist in stopping. The alcoholic or prescription drug addict may need extra help to stop their bad behavior. Most of my by bad habits are not addiction – they are just dumb behavior. I need to evaluate my behavior in light of the Word of God and the directions for my behavior contained in the Word and then stop some behaviors and start others. These directions are really pretty simple, but very hard to accomplish.

Pressing On!

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