Young pretty woman with question marksI like questions most of the time.  Questions are sentences formed to get information that beforehand I didn’t’ have. As I get older and more experienced at life, I get more questions ask. I also have more questions to ask the Lord as I get older. I questioned my Dad recently asking if he had thought some of the same thoughts that I have since turning 50 years old.  Questions are HUGE teachable moments most of the time. They represent the asker acquiring information that assists in learning the fuller scope of the subject of interest.  Habakkuk starts of his book of prophesy by asking God some questions. Check this out….

Lord, how long must I ask for help

    and you ignore me?

I cry out to you about violence,

    but you do not save us!
3 Why do you make me see wrong things

    and make me look at trouble?

People are destroying things and hurting others in front of me;

    they are arguing and fighting.
4 So the teachings are weak,

    and justice never comes.

Evil people gain while good people lose;

    the judges no longer make fair decisions. (Habakkuk 1:2-4 NCV)

I grew up being taught to never question God. I think that was a mistake. I think the Lord loves questions.  I do believe that the posture of my questions to God MUST be woven with reverence and respect. When I was an instructor in Bible College, I loved questions. I knew from the question that it was mostly a teachable question.

I know that there are people who question everything. These are people who are somewhat disrespectful and they feel like their questions make them look smart and the person they are asking the question look dumb. I am not a fan of such cloaked arrogance. I like using questions to keep the conversation moving and I love getting to know others. If I don’t ask the questions, I may not learn some crucial pieces of information of their journey.

I read a great book a few years ago called “Real Believers Don’t Ask Why”  by John Fisher.  Fisher takes a similar position on questions.  If I don’t ask questions of the Lord, I may stumble along and make similar mistakes over and over. I believe when I ask questions of the Lord, I discover more of His heart. That is big as I get to know Him on a more intimate level. God is approachable and accessible. He’s not uncomfortable with my questions…in fact He teaches me with them!

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