Joy, Love, Hope, Peace and FaithThis word to me means freedom from stress or worry. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s quiet around me. It means relaxation and rest from the things that cause me to worry or stress about.

I love having peace of mind that says “all is good”. I love having a peaceful home where my boys are getting along great and not “picking” at one another.

I would love knowing that our world is at peace. That is a lot more complicated than I can even wrap my head around. There are people who believe that peace for them is my country’s destruction.  They are filled with hate, revenge and rage. To me these are the opposite of peace.

Nahum opens his little book of prophesies by describing a God of justice. He wraps up chapter one speaking of peace. Check this out…

15 Look, there on the hills,

    someone is bringing good news!

    He is announcing peace!

Celebrate your feasts, people of Judah,

    and give your promised sacrifices to God.

The wicked will not come to attack you again;

    they have been completely destroyed. (Nahum 1:15 NCV)

The Lord brought peace to His people. They were restored from captivity to their home. When I think about the peace in my little corner of the world, I must realize that there are men and women who are standing as guardians and protectors of our nation so that I can enjoy peace.

I want to be a peace with God. I want to honor Him with my decisions today. I want to trust Him with the details of my life. I’m so grateful for grace because I probably wouldn’t be at peace with God without grace. He initiated the peace I have with Him through Jesus. Without Him I would not know peace.  I love the little bumper sticker that reads: Know Christ – Know Peace; No Christ – No Peace!

Pressing On!

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