This is how I want to be known. I serve in a profession that if sometimes characterized by people who are less than honest. It troubles me deeply when I hear stories where a friend was lied to, tricked or deceived by their REALTOR. I really believe that all businessmen and women should conduct their business in an honest and forthright way.  This not meant to imply that I’m perfect. I do want to honestly respect my clients and customers. I want them to know that I will work hard for them and be “on the level” with them at all times. The Psalmist speaks to this. Check this out…

  4 A light shines in the dark for honest people,
       for those who are merciful and kind and good.
 5 It is good to be merciful and generous.
       Those who are fair in their business
 6 will never be defeated.
       Good people will always be remembered.
 7 They won’t be afraid of bad news;
       their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord. (Psalm 112:4-7 NCV)

This passage lists all sorts of characteristics that I want to be known for. I want to display honesty and integrity in the toughest of circumstances. I want to be honest even if it’s painful because my Mom taught me that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. 

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