Holy Clothes

Boy wearing tuxedoI have multiple categories of clothes. I have “work around the house” clothes; “go to work as a REALTOR “branded” clothes; “wedding & funeral clothes”; “comfortable life clothes”; I have “bum around the house clothes” too!  For the most part I try to dress appropriately for the occasion.  I don’t wear “bumming” clothes to work or to a formal occasion.  For most of my younger life, church was a formal occasion. I had “Sunday clothes” that I didn’t wear for any other occasion. I think that this was based on Old Testament principles.

In Ezekiel as the “Temple Tour Guide” is showing Ezekiel around them temple he showed him some special rooms for special events. Check this out…

13 The man said to me, “The north and south rooms across from the private area are holy rooms. There the priests who go near the Lord will eat the most holy offerings. There they will put the most holy offerings: the grain offerings, sin offerings, and the penalty offerings, because the place is holy. 14 The priests who enter the Holy Place must leave their serving clothes there before they go into the outer courtyard, because these clothes are holy. After they put on other clothes, they may go to the part of the Temple area which is for the people.” (Ezekiel 42:13-14 NCV) 

I think the part of the passage that jumped into my lap is the part about the clothes. The priests had special clothes to go into the Presence of God.  It reminded me that Jesus changed all of that “formality” stuff. The Lord wants my heart connected to His heart. I’ve used the picture of “dressing my heart up in a tuxedo” before Him no matter which clothes I’m wearing on my body.  Somewhere along the way, our church culture confused the part that God is most interested in. He has really always preferred a dressed up heart versus a dressed up head. He is impressed more with humility than “window dressing”. I can fake others out, but He knows my heart completely. If I’ve dressed my heart in His Spirit, others will probably notice too because my heart will reflect Him!

I’m going to put on some “Holy Clothes” today but He will be the first to notice – hopefully others will too!

Pressing On!

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