Help & Protection

There are times in my life when I simply need help. I’m not sure what kind of help I need, but I just know that I need help. I get stuck and can’t seem to move forward. There are times when I’m afraid for myself or for my family. I’m supposed to be the protector, but I feel like I’m the one who needs protection.  I came across one of my all time favorite passages this morning. Check this out…

1 I look up to the hills,
       but where does my help come from?
 2 My help comes from the Lord,
       who made heaven and earth.
 3 He will not let you be defeated.
       He who guards you never sleeps.
 4 He who guards Israel
       never rests or sleeps.
 5 The Lord guards you.
       The Lord is the shade that protects you from the sun.
 6 The sun cannot hurt you during the day,
       and the moon cannot hurt you at night.
 7 The Lord will protect you from all dangers;
       he will guard your life.
 8 The Lord will guard you as you come and go,
       both now and forever. (Psalm 121:1-8 NCV)

 Wherever I am or whatever I’m doing – He is my Protector and Provider. He directs my path. He watches my steps. I find incredible comfort to my heart and soul when I read this passage.

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