I love to smell good stuff. One of my health issues over the years have been allergy related and I don’t smell as well as I once did. In fact just yesterday, I was showing a home and the potential buyer smelled what they thought to be a pet odor, and I could barely pick it up.  I love the smell of certain foods. I love going into certain restaurants because the smell/fragrance from the kitchen is fantastic.  I’ve often wondered if I was gaining weight just smelling the food, because I knew while the food was “comfort food”, it was loaded with stuff that wasn’t healthy for me to eat.

I’ve never given much thought to things that smell good to God.  I remember that He enjoyed the fragrance of sacrifices made by His people. The Psalmist speaks to another fragrance that God just might like. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
1 Lord, I call to you. Come quickly.
       Listen to me when I call to you.
 2 Let my prayer be like incense placed before you,
       and my praise like the evening sacrifice.
 3 Lord, help me control my tongue;
       help me be careful about what I say.
 4 Take away my desire to do evil
       or to join others in doing wrong.
    Don’t let me eat tasty food
       with those who do evil. (Psalm 141:1-4 NCV)

 I want my prayers to be a sweet smelling fragrance like incense or a strawberry scent to God. I want Him to be super pleased with my life that is devoted to Him.  My praise can be a sweet fragrance as well. I’ve never thought about the smell of my life. I know when I stink after a workout. I’ve never thought about what my life smells like to God.

I want my prayers and my praise to be sweet smelling incense to God. I want my life behavior to be a sweet smelling fragrance as well.

Pressing On!

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