As I get older, I seem to forget things a bit too easy. I find myself racking my brain trying to remember a name of someone who just called me by name. I also seem to forget a particular house that I just showed two weeks ago as I speak with a buyer who would be perfect for that house. Ah the fun of getting older. I am being proactive in trying to keep my mind sharpened. I read a lot and work games that stimulate my thinking. I still forget important things sometimes. I could probably write a book over my forgetfulness and absent-minded mistakes, but it wouldn’t quite compare with the people of Israel and their forgetfulness…or would it compare?   Check this out….

 Haven’t you brought this on yourselves
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

    by turning away from the Lord your God

    when he was leading you in the right way?
Your evil will bring punishment to you,

    and the wrong you have done will teach you a lesson.

Think about it and understand
that it is a terrible evil to turn away from the Lord your God.

    It is wrong not to fear me,”

    says the Lord God All-Powerful
A young woman does not forget her jewelry,

    and a bride does not forget the decorations for her dress.

But my people have forgotten me

    for more days than can be counted. (Jeremiah 2:17,19,32 NCV)

 One thing I don’t ever want to forget and that is how faithful, full of grace and full of love the Lord is. He has been so very patient with me as I went my own way, only to face a dead-end. He has given me room to try things my way too many times to count as He patiently tries to guide me in the right way.  I want to have a bright mind even as I get old. I don’t ever want to forget how good the Lord has been to me. I want to be able to recall His name over mine. I want to remember what He’s done more than recall what I’ve done. Anything I’ve ever been able to accomplish in is due to the fact that He’s lead me all the way.  I don’t want to ever get so full of me that I forget the One Who directed my path. I want to remember His faithfulness, His goodness, His grace and His love. Those characteristics of God have forever changed the course of my life and I must guard them in my memory banks for the rest of my life!

 Pressing On!

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