I think the older I get the more things slip my mind. I have this handy little app called Evernote and I try to put notes in there to remind me of the checklist of things I need to do. I also have a great calendar app to help me remember appointments and special events that I have scheduled. Forgetting stuff is not usually a good thing for me. I sometimes forget how good God is and I need reminded. As I read the scripture of the history of Israel, God’s chosen people, I see them forgetting the amazing things He’s done for them. Check this out….

6 We have sinned just as our ancestors did.
       We have done wrong; we have done evil.
 7 Our ancestors in Egypt
       did not learn from your miracles.
    They did not remember all your kindnesses,
       so they turned against you at the Red Sea.
 8 But the Lord saved them for his own sake,
       to show his great power. (Psalm 106:6-8 NCV)

The Lord saved them at the Red Sea by drying it up and letting them walk through like it was dry land. When Pharaoh and the Egyptians tried to cross the sea to capture Israel, God closed the sea around them destroying Pharaoh’s army.

12 Then the people believed what the Lord said,
       and they sang praises to him.
 13 But they quickly forgot what he had done;
       they did not wait for his advice. (Psalm 106:12-13 NCV)
 19 The people made a gold calf at Mount Sinai
       and worshiped a metal statue.
 20 They exchanged their glorious God
       for a statue of a bull that eats grass.
 21 They forgot the God who saved them,
       who had done great things in Egypt,
 22 who had done miracles in Egypt
       and amazing things by the Red Sea. (Psalm 106:19-22 NCV)

It would be so easy for me to be a bit judgmental on the Israelites at this point, but as I look deeper into my life, I realize that I sometimes life the same way. I allow sin to enter my life and I forget God and the amazing things He’s been doing in me and through me. I forget His Power. I forget His mercy. I forget His grace. I’m not sure how this happens because He’s never once let me down. I need His Spirit to awaken my memory of Who He is and What He’s doing in me!

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