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Sometimes I need a different perspective on my situation. If I will step back and look at things from a different angle, they might look and feel different.  Perspective is like that. It can give me new insight into something that I’ve looked at every day for years, but with a new perspective it looks different. Sometimes, my new perspective comes by way of a comment by someone else.  Asaph had some perspective on the captivity of his country. He obviously writes this Psalm during captivity, or so it seems. Check this out…

1 Shepherd of Israel, listen to us.
       You lead the people of Joseph like a flock.
    You sit on your throne between the gold creatures with wings.
       Show your greatness2 to the people of Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh.
    Use your strength,
       and come to save us.
 3 God, take us back.
       Show us your kindness so we can be saved. (Psalm 80:1-3 NCV)

One of the things I like about this Psalm right out of the gate is how Asaph acknowledges God’s position. He notes that God is in a position of Power and Strength and Greatness. His prayer for rescue comes after acknowledging God’s position.  I think that this is a good lesson for me. Before I ask God to do anything, I should recognize His position as Lord over everything, including me, and my circumstances.   There have been many times when my circumstances were screaming so loudly that I didn’t have proper perspective.

God is kind and full of mercy and grace. He loves me. He rescues me. He reconnected me. He releases me. I am who I am because of Who God is and the Grace He pours all over me! That’s the daily perspective I need.

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