I’m still learning about boundaries this late in life. I’m learning that the boundaries that God speaks of in His Word are there for my own good.  As I set boundaries for my own children, I’m reminded of why boundaries exist for me.  The boundaries that the Lord sets are for my protection and because of His love for me.  I don’t always like them at the time I bump into them.

I just finished reading the longest chapter in the entire Bible – Psalm 119 and boy does the Psalmist hammer the subject of boundaries. One particular set of verses resonated with me. Check this out…

129 Your rules are wonderful.
       That is why I keep them.
130 Learning your words gives wisdom
       and understanding for the foolish.
131 I am nearly out of breath.
       I really want to learn your commands.
132 Look at me and have mercy on me
       as you do for those who love you.
133 Guide my steps as you promised;
       don’t let any sin control me.
134 Save me from harmful people
       so I can obey your orders.
135 Show your kindness to me, your servant.
       Teach me your demands.
136 Tears stream from my eyes,
       because people do not obey your teachings.
137 Lord, you do what is right,
       and your laws are fair.
138 The rules you commanded are right
       and completely trustworthy.
139 I am so upset I am worn out,
       because my enemies have forgotten your words. (Psalm 119:129-139 NCV)

As I provide boundaries for my two youngest children, I’m reminded of the boundaries that God has set for me. He so wants to protect my heart, my mind – He wants to protect me from evil. He wants my life to be full of abundance and joy. He is so aware of how slick and sneaky the enemy is. I want to run to the Lord and get back within the boundaries He’s put in place for me.

Obedience is the ultimate expression of love for God.

Pressing On!

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