Blessing Of God

There are times when I feel more blessed than others.  My feelings are quite fickle. I’m actually blessed even when I don’t “feel” like I’m blessed. I really believe the blessing of God doesn’t depend on how I’m feeling. I’m blessed because I’m God’s kid.  He adopted me into His family because I believe in His Son and have surrendered my life to Him. I am blessed beyond words. Check out this Psalm of Praise….

1 God, have mercy on us and bless us
       and show us your kindness
 2 so the world will learn your ways,
       and all nations will learn that you can save.
 3 God, the people should praise you;
       all people should praise you.
 4 The nations should be glad and sing
       because you judge people fairly.
       You guide all the nations on earth.
 5 God, the people should praise you;
       all people should praise you.
 6 The land has given its crops.
       God, our God, blesses us.
 7 God blesses us
       so people all over the earth will fear him. (Psalm 67:1-7 NCV)

I believe that as a believer and follower of God, I am blessed beyond words. My future is secure in Him. My past has been erased. My life is full of joy and hope in Him. This life is really a dress rehearsal for eternity and I know the script. I want to spend the rest of my days on earth making sure that others know the Lord – He’s a blessing to know. He’s so very fair. He’s so very kind. He’s so gentle. He knows all about me and still loves me. (That still blows my mind!) He never gets tired. He never takes a break. He is Faithful and True. He is God and He loves me and that makes me one incredibly blessed man!

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