You name it… this word can cover the largest of ranges. If you can think of a thing, it is covered under this word – Anything.  I believe that God can do ANYTHING He choses. I believe He is the Creator of all that we can see, touch, hear and know.  There isn’t “anything” beyond His reach or His control.  Check out how the Psalmist describes Him…..

  3 The Red Sea looked and ran away;
       the Jordan River turned back.
 4 The mountains danced like sheep
       and the hills like little lambs.
 5 Sea, why did you run away?
       Jordan, why did you turn back?
 6 Mountains, why did you dance like sheep?
       Hills, why did you dance like little lambs?
 7 Earth, shake with fear before the Lord,
       before the God of Jacob.
 8 He turned a rock into a pool of water,
       a hard rock into a spring of water. (Psalm 114:3-8 NCV)

After reading this, I find myself in awe of God’s capabilities. He is not limited by what I think or believe about Him. In fact, there’s more to Him than I could possibly wrap my mind around.

Today I’m choosing to believe that God can move mountains because He created them. He can still create something out of nothing. He can still change my hard heart into a shapeable heart. He still forgives and renews my heart.  He can do ANYTHING, but fail!

 Pressing On!

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