Sometimes I must admit that I’m afraid. I prefer to use the word “concerned” because it sounds more sophisticated than fearful or worry. I don’t like either word, but sometimes I have to admit that I’m afraid. When Isaiah was giving the prophetic word about what was to come, the people had good reason to be afraid. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
This is a message about the Desert by the Sea: Disaster is coming from the desert like wind blowing in the south.  It is coming from a terrible country.
2 I have seen a terrible vision. I see traitors turning against you
and people taking your wealth.
3 I saw those terrible things, and now I am in pain;
my pains are like the pains of giving birth.
What I hear makes me very afraid;
what I see causes me to shake with fear.
4 I am worried, and I am shaking with fear.
 My pleasant evening
has become a night of fear. (Isaiah 21:1-2a; 3-4 NCV)

There is a fear that paralyzes and there is also a fear that motivates. I have felt both. As I get to know the Lord more and more, I’m afraid less because I have learned to trust Him with the outcome. Someone once said that fear and faith cannot co-exist. I would suggest that while they may not co-exist, most humans experience both.  My weakness is being human, my strength is my faith in the Lord to do anything I need. He acts on my behalf and He calms my fears. I’m safe with Him.

Pressing On!

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