A Day

There are days that are pivotal in my life. These can be days that are very positive and good or very negative and bad. There are times when a deal is about to blow apart and my buyer is about to “take a hostage”, then there are days that the deal comes back from the brink of disaster.  Life is even like that too. There are days when so many things look and feel hopeless, but then the Light comes in.  Isaiah tells of a day where things went really bad for Moab. Check this out…

 1 This is a message about Moab:
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
    In one night armies took the wealth from Ar in Moab,
       and it was destroyed.
    In one night armies took the wealth from Kir in Moab,
       and it was destroyed.
 2 The people of Dibon go to the places of worship to cry.
       The people of Moab cry for the cities of Nebo and Medeba.
    Every head and beard has been shaved to show how sad Moab is.
 3 In the streets they wear rough cloth to show their sadness.
       On the roofs[a] and in the public squares,
    they are crying loudly. (Isaiah 15:1-3 NCV)

 I’m convinced that the ONLY way to stand in such dire circumstances is to have the Lord dwelling in me. I’ve learned that while I may lose some battles here on earth, I know Who “wins the war”!  I want to hold on to Him through the good days and the bad days, because He is capable of sustaining me through all the struggles and all the losses. He is also able to keep me grounded and focused when the blessings are pouring out all over me.  I know that the people of Moab did not calculate the Power and Might of God. I feel for people who doubt His existence. Those are the same people who will under estimate the Power of His Presence every time….I don’t intend to ever be among them. Every day matters to God. Every battle and struggle I face matters to God. I’ve heard the cliché that “what don’t kill me, will make me stronger”.  I will trust God with the details of my life, because He offers eternal life and this life is simply not all there is.  I want to make every day count for Him – the good ones and the tough/bad ones.

 Pressing On!

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