Metro West Realty Company Culture

MWR_LogoV copyMetro West Realty was formed in June 2010 when two independent real estate companies in West Georgia merged. Real Estate West, the oldest real estate company in West Georgia joined forces with West Georgia Realty & Development to become the strongest independent real estate company in the West Georgia and East Alabama region.  In pulling together two companies of different size, experience and “personality”, the company culture that started forming was a bit of unknown to the founding partners.

Metro West Realty began talking about the idea of “company culture” almost immediately.  After nearly 3 years in successful operation our culture is strong and getting better every day.  Below are some comments and idiom’s related to our company culture:

  1. Our company culture matters because our work environment matters.
  2. Our company will have culture of some sort, we might as well direct it to a culture we love.
  3. Our company culture is really important to recruiting REALTORS who love working here.
  4. Our company culture matters to our office staff and agents who work here.
  5. Our company culture matters to our clients and customers as well as to our vendors.
  6. Our company culture is a culture of sharing knowledge with one another and therefore empowering one another to greater growth.
  7. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”
  8. Our company culture seeks to enhance growth through on-going education and training.
  9. We celebrate each other’s success and seek to bear one another’s struggles.
  10. 10. Great people want direction on where they’re going NOT necessarily how to get there.
  11. “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”
  12. We’d rather be failing frequently instead of never trying.
  13. Influence should be independent of seniority or hierarchy.
  14. We place great value on work ethic and competence.
  15. We will fight every day to maintain a competent and caring culture in our company.

(inspired by and adapted from via HubSpot)

Mitt Conerly, Sr – my partner and friend said it well: “people want to associate with and do business with people that are knowledgeable, that they trust, and that care as much about them as they do themselves.”

I believe it’s a huge blessing to actually love and care about the people you work with every day.  I believe at Metro West Realty we have exactly that!


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