Memorial Day

American flag 3dI have a patriotic spirit and I’m so grateful for those who have served our country in the military. I’m grateful to our First Responders who are quick to serve and rescue and often put themselves in harms way to save someone they don’t know. These folks are the “front line” to protect and preserve our health and safety. I’m even grateful to the people who serve in leadership at the local level – our commissioners and their staff. I’m grateful for our Georgia Congressmen and Georgia Senators who serve in the Georgia Legislature and I’m grateful for our US Congressmen and US Senators who serve and juggle serving their family and their country. I’m grateful for our President.

I don’t know many of these people personally, but they have sacrificed a lot to serve others and that takes a special spirit. I certainly don’t agree with all the decisions that are made by our leadership but I respect them as leaders. Today is a day we remember the people who have served and given their lives to serve, but I want to also remember the people who are presently serving our country.  It is our American Spirit that differentiates us from so many other countries in the world!  May God continue to pour out His blessing on our nation!

Pressing On!

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