There are times when I don’t know how to describe what I just witnessed. There are times when my children have done something special that revealed their big heart and I’m blown back a bit. That’s just a couple of “Wow Moments”. I’ve seen the hand of God in people’s lives and it “wowed” me.  I had a “wow moment” this morning as I read a passage in scripture describing God. Check this out….

 12 Who has measured the oceans in the palm of his hand?
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

    Who has used his hand to measure the sky?

Who has used a bowl to measure all the dust of the earth

    and scales to weigh the mountains and hills?
13 Who has known the mind of the Lord

    or been able to give him advice?
14 Whom did he ask for help?

    Who taught him the right way?
Who taught him knowledge

    and showed him the way to understanding?
28 Surely you know.

    Surely you have heard.
The Lord is the God who lives forever,

    who created all the world.
He does not become tired or need to rest.

    No one can understand how great his wisdom is.
29 He gives strength to those who are tired

    and more power to those who are weak.
30 Even children become tired and need to rest,

    and young people trip and fall.
31 But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again.

They will rise up as an eagle in the sky;

    they will run and not need rest;

    they will walk and not become tired. (Isaiah 40:12-14; 28-31 NCV)

 I just find myself without words at this point. I’m just sitting here in a “Wow moment” and my heart is blessed and overflowing with thanks and praise for a God so powerful and creative. He’s also so gentle and so present…like right now. I just want to stay here in this moment…wowed in the presence of God!

Pressing On!

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