Wise Home Building

It’s one thing to build a house to live in. I know many talented people who are gifted in this area. They have the coolest and the latest stuff in side their house. I must tell you that I’m so simple. I don’t really care much about the fancy stuff. In showing houses nearly every day, I do like some things better than others. For the most part, I’m just as pleased as punch with my little house in the edge of the woods.

Building a home is something totally different. It takes constant work and investments to build. A home endures the tests of time and doesn’t need occasional “upgrades”, however it does need maintenance and an investment of time, our most precious commodity.  Solomon speaks to this….

 Don’t envy evil people
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
       or try to be friends with them.
 2 Their minds are always planning violence,
       and they always talk about making trouble.
 3 It takes wisdom to have a good family,
       and it takes understanding to make it strong.
 4 It takes knowledge to fill a home
       with rare and beautiful treasures.
 5 Wise people have great power,
       and those with knowledge have great strength. (Proverbs 24:1-5 NCV)

 As I work with people who are buying a new house, I often wonder what type of home they will build inside this new house. I can sometimes tell a bit about them and their values after spending time with them. I’m often encouraged by their journey of faith. The subject always seems to come up.

 I take great responsibility in building a home founded on the principles found in The Word. I want to consistently honor God with my choices. I want to make Him the Lord of my home. As I follow Him, I want to lead my wife and children to do the same. It is not rocket science – it’s consistent running after His heart.  I keep talking to Him about my failures and He keeps celebrating my strengths!  His love is great – His grace is limitless – His mercies are new every morning. I can’t imagine building my home without Him leading the way and showing me the plans.

 Pressing On!

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