Wisdom From The Word

I love the Word of God. I believe that God has spoken deep truths into my life since I’ve taken the time to read and let it settle into my soul.  I believe He has given me wisdom that I would not otherwise have.  Just reading the Word and knowing what it says doesn’t keep me from struggling with sin.  I suppose I will deal with that until the day I die.  Solomon had some strong instruction about the wisdom of the Word. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
17 Listen carefully to what wise people say;
       pay attention to what I am teaching you.
 18 It will be good to keep these things in mind
       so that you are ready to repeat them.
 19 I am teaching them to you now
       so that you will put your trust in the Lord.
 20 I have written thirty sayings for you,
       which give knowledge and good advice.
 21 I am teaching you true and reliable words
       so that you can give true answers to anyone who asks. (Proverbs 22:17-21 NCV)

The Word of God is filled with deep wisdom. The Word of God is inspiration and has words that give life and direct us to eternal life.  The Word of God is simple, yet complex. The Truth is contained in the Word of God.  I’ve grown stronger and my convictions are deeper since I’ve been a student of the Word. I believe that I’m less legalistic and filled with more grace and mercy because I’ve been the recipient of both.  I want to listen and read the Word of God the rest of my days here on earth because of the wisdom and truth contained. The Word of God is my favorite book and I want it to be the one I read the most.

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