Transaction or Transition

I was recently reminded that when a client buys or sells a house, a transition begins. As a Realtor, I enjoy being part of the transaction, because I get paid to bring a buyer or to market the home to thousands of buyers. If I didn’t care about my clients, the transaction would be the end. As the transition begins, there are many things I can do to help make it a smooth transition. I can provide them with information about the transition, like utility companies, moving companies, move in or move out date… you get the picture.

If I want to build my business and bring value and service to my clients, I must see things as transition and not a transaction. I must seek to serve their needs through this transition and by the way, I’ll get paid through the transaction. I believe it’s very important to keep this understanding clear if I’m to serve them and build my business through a referral. I must seek to serve and my services will be noticed!  I’m just sayin….

Dwayne Hicks
Metro West Realty
Carrollton, GA

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