Tips To A Successful Yard/Garage Sale

Many people hold a garage sale to get rid of items they no longer need or want. If you’re planning a sale, here are some ideas to make your garage sale a success!

ADVERTISE Many newspapers offer inexpensive ads for garage sales. Make a note of the location, the start and end times, and any special items that will be available, such as antiques or collectibles.

DISPLAY Group items in large boxes and write a price (25¢, $1, etc.) on each box. Place items in the boxes according to what you think each is worth. Items such as clothes, toys, and collectibles sell quickly. Large pieces such as furniture and appliances should also do well.

BE PREPARED Have small boxes and strong bags for purchases. An extension cord will allow you to prove that appliances work. Have an ample supply of cash so that you can make change, and a calculator to avoid any mistakes.

HAVE ASSISTANCE Your kids can help by offering lemonade or cookies to people who are browsing through your items. Enlist friends or family members to staff the garage sale, and answer any questions your customers may have. Music is a nice touch and will often draw attention to your sale.

Happy Selling!!

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