I think that it’s amazing how our brains can recall something that happened many many years ago. My recall of past events is not always timely. I’ve sometimes wondered why am I remembering this now.

I thought of sci-fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1990 (a I recall) where the main character went to a place to called Rekall where they can implant a vacation in your brain to stir up happy and joyful memories of a place you’ve never been.

I often look back at times in my past and recall them as the “good ole days”. Some of those were not so good, but my mind has a way of downplaying the past pain and reliving and recalling the good things of certain chapters in my life.  Asaph was recalling some good times as well. Check this out….

 11 I remember what the Lord did;
       I remember the miracles you did long ago.
 12 I think about all the things you did
       and consider your deeds.
 13 God, your ways are holy.
       No god is as great as our God.
 14 You are the God who does miracles;
       you have shown people your power. (Psalm 77:11-14 NCV)

I really need to recall the amazing things that the Lord has done in my life along the journey. He has made Himself known to me so many times. There have been countless events happen in my life that were His doing and not my own. He has been with me through the darkest of nights and celebrated with me my greatest victories.  I pray that my memory stays crisp and current as I get older and maybe even look back on today and this chapter of my life with fond memories of the journey.

I want total recall of the Grace of God in my life for the rest of my life. 

Pressing On!

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