Press on!

Have you ever had one of those mornings when the clock goes off and you simply can’t move – your muscles are screaming back at you to lay still!  I’m having one of those mornings – however – I’ve decided to push through it and get moving.

I started trying to do some much needed exercise this week. I’ve actually walked a mile each day :-) …um I think I just found the source of why I’m tired and have sore muscles. I know it’s good for me to exercise and get my my body in shape – so I’ll press on through the pain, because there’s good health waiting on the other side.  I have learned over the years that when something seems really hard – it’s usually something worth doing – so push through it.

So instead of blogging about exercising – I’m gonna get my shoes on – do some stretching and go for it!  I know I’m not along in this struggle.

Pressing on!!
Dwayne Hicks
Carrollton, GA