My wife wanted to paint the living room – so we painted the living room. You know how it goes, with the furniture that is usually on the outside next to the walls has to be moved to the center of the room.  So the room is a big mess. My 12 year old son, wanted to change things up. Move the couch where the recliners were and the recliners where the couch was. I most definitely love my recliner, but I love where the couch is. My table where I set my coffee is now on the wrong side (since I’m right handed) and I’m at a different angle from the TV. Oh well – a little change can give you a different perspective. It sometimes help just to see things differently.

The old saying, “don’t criticize your neighbor until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” might come into play here.  I thought the change in my living room might be fun and it didn’t change the direction of my life this morning to be sitting in a different spot of the room in my same chair. It did remind me that the only thing constant in life is change. Therefore perspective changes pretty often. I need not fight it – just embrace it.  There is no sense getting excited about things I can’t change or get bent out of shape over minor changes in life.

In our economy changes happen quite frequently. I must learn to position myself, where I can respond to these changes instead of react like everyone else. I must be prepared for change because it will happen – and often. I must keep proper perspective and proper attitude to things that change around me and things I can’t change.

Sometimes a little change is good – I can buy a Coke or a candy bar – just saying! :-)


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