My Mom Turned 70!!

My dear Mom is celebrating 70 years of life today!!  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her this afternoon. She is not trying to hide her age, yet her beauty does that quite well.  My Mom could have been the Mom of Forest Gump – lol!  She has so many sayings just like Forest’s mom.  Over the years, I’ve treasured those sayings and often recalled them at random moments.

My Mom is a woman of faith!  I can’t remember the time when I was first introduced to Jesus, but I bet she was in on the introduction.  She was  careful help guide my steps as I grew up. I can’t begin to thank her enough for living out her faith and not just speaking the words.

My Mom is a generous giving person. She starting sitting with elderly folks at a retirement home near her home and she is always making cakes, or cooking fresh vegetables from the garden.  She is well loved by the people she sits with as well as their children. My Mom has shown me that giving is certainly not always about money – it’s about time, love, and thoughtfulness.

I’m celebrating my Mom on her very special day – she gave me much more than life and she is still giving. What an inspiration!!

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