Mosquitos And Some People

My youngest son wanted to take a night swim last night in our pool. I have just got it opened and almost balanced, so I said, “Yes”.  He runs to put on his swim trunks and Tina & I decide to sit by the pool and talk while he swims.  In Georgia, we have more than a few pests. Let’s see…we have termites, fire ants, Kudzoo, mosquito, etc…. You get the picture. Well my enemy at the pool was the mosquito.  My legs evidently made for quite a smorgasbord for the blood sucking insects. I sprayed repellent, but these creatures, seem to be immune. Needless to say I have a few marks where they Mosquitowere.

As I reflected on that experience, I thought about how some people are like mosquito’s. The people I’m referring to come in all shapes, sizes, races, religions, family backgrounds and nationalities.  The people who are like mosquito’s are NEGATIVE people. They will come right up to you and suck the blood right out of you!  You can be having the best day, “chillin’ by the pool”, or simply having a hopeful day – bam they attack!  I am serving notice to people who choose this negative attitude – I’m getting some super strong repellent to keep you away.

I choose to have an attitude of hope in the midst of crisis. I choose to believe that no matter what the present circumstances I face, my future is secure. Tomorrow is another day and I will take each day that the Good Lord gives me and use it to honor Him.

I sure hope if I become negative that someone will kill that negative spirit in me!

I’m just sayin….Be Positive!!


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