Let It Rain!!

I woke up this morning to rain on my roof! I sometimes wish I wasn’t such a morning person and could lie in bed and listen longer. I must say as I sit here with the windows open, listening to the sweet sound of rain falling outside – this is a good start to what’s supposed to be a rainy day.

I often think of an old hymn that I learned in church as a kid, called: “Showers Of Blessings”. These April showers are a blessing in Georgia, because we have so much pollen to deal with. The rain will refresh the air, the grass, the trees and just about everything it touches. I feel blessed by showers of blessing too. I’m blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends, work/closings, my home – my journey with the Lord.

I’m showing houses later this morning and actually looking forward to being in the rain. Buyers can learn a lot by looking at houses in the rain!

Pressing on!!

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