I Killed The Deal!

Sometimes it’s easy to make a mistake and kill the deal.

I had a listing that didn’t look great “on paper”, meaning the sellers were way out of price for what they were describing to me. However, I told my assistant that I would go through the process with them to see exactly where things were.  The people reminded me of my Mom and Dad and out of respect for them, I wanted to give this my best shot. After meeting with them in the office, I set an appointment to go see their property. It was to be after picking up my kids from school.  I didn’t write it down on my calendar.(Big Mistake) My daughter called and asked to do something for her and off I went.  I called the seller today to apologize and they have “made other arrangements”.  I felt bad, mainly because I had not meant to disrespect their time.  I will be looking to see this property in the MLS – Oh Well.

I’ve determined that there are 4 things to do when I make a mistake.

  1. Take responsibility that is really mine
  2. Ask for forgiveness
  3. Make Amends
  4. Move On!

I’m on to present an offer to a seller. I’m writing this blog for therapy too!!  I hate that I make mistakes.

Press On!


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