I Can't Breathe Watching TV

I was enjoying some entertainment watching “House” on Fox TV and there were people trapped in a smashed parking garage. As I’m watching him work in tight spots with the threat of more building collapse, I find it hard to breathe. Sometimes when I watch people holding their breath under water, I find myself holding my breath.

When I hear of people in stressful situations with their mortgage squeezing them financially, I can’t help but feel their pain.  There are good friends facing foreclosure and bankruptcy.  I feel for them too.  Do you feel the pain of others?  I sometimes wish I could turn off those feelings and sometimes in times of crisis I find that I can “step up” and think clearly and hopefully come up with some good options for surviving crisis moments.

I also find myself crying out to God for wisdom and discernment. He always delivers, hope and peace.

Pressing on!

Dwayne Hicks

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