Heading Home

I’ve enjoyed a few days out of the normal routine of life as I know it. It’s really refreshing to get away and reflect and refocus on what really matters. I work so that I can spend time, energy and money on my family. Today, it’s time to head home.  Home is that place were comfort most often resides. Home is where my favorite chair is. Home is where my favorite bed is. Home is my castle to retreat to. Home is near the rest of my family and friends. Home is heaven on earth!

Before I get home, I must take the journey back there. Sometimes it’s a long journey depending on how long the trip away from home was. I’m pretty stoked that this journey is only 2-3 hours if all goes well.  I’m also going to try to enjoy the journey, even though I’ll really enjoy the destination – home. The two are related but they’re not the same.

Let the journey home begin…..

Pressing on!!

Dwayne Hicks
United Country West Georgia Realty
Carrollton, GA

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