I think just about everyone battles being greedy at one time or another. Greed is not always about money. It can be greedy for attention. Greedy in business (which is mostly about money) is pretty common.  In the business environment, it is tough to not be greedy when you’re competing.  I do my very best to be honest, work hard and let the integrity of my heart shine through. I do not want to be driven by greed or sales volume or any other external sources.I want to be driven and motivated by the very Spirit of God.  Solomon speaks to these values. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
27 Greedy people bring trouble to their families,
       but the person who can’t be paid to do wrong will live.
 28 Good people think before they answer,
       but the wicked simply pour out evil.
 29 The Lord does not listen to the wicked,
       but he hears the prayers of those who do right.
 30 Good news makes you feel better.
       Your happiness will show in your eyes.
 31 If you listen to correction to improve your life,
       you will live among the wise.
 32 Those who refuse correction hate themselves,
       but those who accept correction gain understanding.
 33 Respect for the Lord will teach you wisdom.
       If you want to be honored, you must be humble. (Proverbs 15:27-33 NCV)

 I remember a movie with Robert Redford and Demi Moore where she is asked to sleep with the man who is not her husband for $1M! The movie was called “Indecent Proposal” and it showed the struggle between contentment and greed.  Moore’s character and her husband, played by Woody Harellson really showed the struggle between riches and the right thing.  The movie would have been really short if Moore’s character had made the right choice.

I don’t think for a minute that I’ve got this all figured out. God’s Word is very clear about how He loves honest, humble people.  That’s what I want to drive me. I want to be wise in His eyes.  I want happiness and joy for my family. I want wealth, but not have to step on others to gain it.  I want to be teachable and wise.  I’ve got such a ways to go but I will PRESS ON!


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