Dwayne Hicks – The Readers Digest Version

My wife and I hosted our LIFE group from our church in our home this past Sunday. We began a new study together. At one point we were asked to introduce ourselves and give a “readers digest” version of our lives up to this point. I thought that this might be something cool for the readers of my blog.

I was born and raised in Kentucky. I grew up on a farm. I also grew up in a christian home.  I lived way, way out in the country (literally 20 miles from the closest town). I helped my parents around the farm – in fact I learned to milk cows by hand when I was in High School.  We were pretty poor, but I didn’t really know it because everyone around us was poor too.

After graduation from High School, I moved to Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN to study and prepare for ministry. I participated in traveling singing groups. I played soccer for the school and enjoy intramural basketball. I really enjoyed college and got married the summer before my senior year of college. My first ministry position was Minister  To Students at a church in Maryville, TN about 23 miles from Knoxville. After 2.5 years there, I moved to Georgia, my wife’s home state and in fact I joined the staff at her home church in Whitesburg.  I served as minister to students there for 5 years and our family expanded to 3 children. We relocated to Carrollton, GA about 12 miles away and began serving as student minister. After 2 years there, my wife and I went through a tough divorce. The landscape of life takes a crazy turn through divorce. I survived with the help of a supportive pastor, church leaders and an excellent counselor. A couple of years later, I remarried. My wife, Tina became an instant mother of three amazing kids. She adjusted well to her role and the kids adjusted well to her. Tina and I had a son a couple of years later. When it came time to leave that ministry – I couldn’t leave Carroll County or I would loose legal custody of my kids. My brother had just started a Real Estate company and I joined him in February of 2003. I went on to earn my Brokers License and bought part ownership in the company – United County West Georgia Realty. I’m still serving there as Associate Broker.

The Dwayne Hicks Family

Tina and I celebrate 15 years of marriage this next month (May 2010) and our kids are all grown and moved out except for Matthew – our youngest. I’m trying to adjust to the house being a lot more empty these days.  I’m working hard to keep a strong and growing presence in a real estate market that is struggling to regain it’s footing in these tough economic times.

I appreciate you stopping by my site. If you ever have questions about real estate or life in general – drop me a line.


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