Communication via Txt, Email or Phone

Communication is the “life-blood” of relationships of all kinds. Its importance can’t be overestimated. I believe for REALTORS we must communicate carefully, consistently and completely with the people in our lives – our family, customers, colleagues & clients.

The modes of communication have changed rapidly in the last few years. Just over 10 years ago, we didn’t have the number of cell phones or the smart phone technology that we have today. We simply called clients and had a phone conversation.

Today, we have email, text and Facebook messenger to name a few. I think it is important to find out how clients like to be communicated with. I have a lot of clients under age 30 who love texting. I first learned to text because my kids love to text. I can most often get an immediate response from texting and not be able to speak with them on the phone. You can text when in a large meeting, (although it’s still has etiquette issues) when you can’t answer the phone.

Email is closing in on texting as a favored mode of communication, because of the great detail you can add to what’s being communicated. You can attach multiple documents, pictures, etc. to can email. Today’s smart phones have email coming to your phone, so you no longer have to be at your laptop or desktop to email clients. I’ve forwarded contracts, plats and closing statements all from my smart phone.

WARNING! There is a big danger in this type of communication. When texting or emailing there is matter of tone. If I’m not careful, it will seem like I’m frustrated in a text or email when I’m really not. These types of communications do not have emotion included. They are sometimes received with emotion. Sometimes I simply pick up the phone and decide NOT to email or text anymore about a certain subject because of the emotion involved. There are times that even a phone call is too impersonal and a face to face meeting is in order.

Knowing how to communicate with clients is often just as important as WHAT we communicate. The message isn’t a message at all until it’s received and what the client receives is REALLY the message. Communication is VERY CRUCIAL to all our relationships – we must get it right!

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