Break Away

My family and I are enjoying a few days off on Spring Break in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. This is a great southern town that features great wonders like Rock City and Ruby Falls on top of Lookout Mountain.  We are also campers. We absolutely love camping. This weekend we are hanging out at the beautiful Lookout Mountain KOA.  One of the things we learn while taking a break is just how important it is to take a break. I believe we work smarter and harder after we’ve had a break.  In Real Estate you can work wherever you have a cell phone and a laptop. I’m thankful to have that kind of job especially because I have a wonderful friend who serves as an assistant when I’m out of town.

My point is when you take a break – you gain perspective on the things you’re taking a break from. It’s great to take a break and it’s great to return to work – if you love what you do!!

Press on!!

Dwayne Hicks, REALTOR
United Country West Georgia Realty
Carrollton, GA

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