Blazing A Trail!

I had the opportunity to go for a four-wheeler ride with my son Matthew after dinner Thursday evening. He rides around Paw Paw’s farm by himself each evening, but to ride in the subdivision across the road, he is required to have an adult. I became a passenger to supervise a ride. After returning to the house he slowed down and said that he’d like to be a passenger. I first thought he was sick. He wanted me to drive. I jumped at the chance, because one of my favorite things to do is ride a four-wheeler through the woods. We took off and I went on trails that I had not been on before. Matthew was a good navigator. As we went to the other side of the property, he told me that his winter project was to make a few new trails in this other area. I decided that we’d just start today and I’d make new trails while riding! :-) It was fun except for the cobwebs a and low hanging limbs. It was a fun and a long ride and I look forward to doing that again.

I think life is somewhat like that four wheeler ride. You can go on trails that are already there or make some new ones of your own. I think I’d like being a trail blazer rather than a trail rider! It’s simply more adventurous.

Pressing on!
Dwayne Hicks

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