Honor & Respect

Core ValuesI know what it is like to be shown honor and respect. My kids have shown me both. Now, I must confess that there are times when I was shown neither by my kids and it was a pretty frustrating feeling. I believe that both honor and respect is earned more than demanded or commanded. I also believe as a parent that honor and respect is a two-way street. As a parent – the one in authority, I should still show respect and honor for my child.

In Malachi, the prophet speaks a lot about respect and honor for the Lord. In chapter 3 is the famous challenge the Lord makes to see if we will trust Him with our giving. I believe my giving reflects the honor and respect that I have for the Lord. The Lord welcomes honor and respect, because He’s certainly earned it. He has shown me mercy and grace when I deserved punishment – He’s certainly earned my honor and respect. Check this out….

 16 Then those who honored the Lord spoke with each other, and the Lord listened and heard them. The names of those who honored the Lord and respected him were written in his presence in a book to be remembered.
17 The Lord All-Powerful says, “They belong to me; on that day they will be my very own. As a parent shows mercy to his child who serves him, I will show mercy to my people. 18 You will again see the difference between good and evil people, between those who serve God and those who don’t. (Malachi 3:16-18 NCV)

I really want my name written in His book. I want my life to scream out honor and respect for the Lord. I don’t want my honor and respect for Him to be empty, shallow words. I want the actions of my life to show deep respect and the highest honor to Him. He is the One Who made me and shaped my life. He is the One Who blesses me daily. He is the One Who showers me with mercy and grace every day.  He loves me without conditions and strings attached. He doesn’t want me to bring harm to myself so He provides instructions and boundaries to direct my path. I want my words, my actions and my thoughts to bring honor and respect to the Lord!

Pressing On!

Welcome Words

I am sorryIn the past 3 or 4 years, the region where I live has been hit hard by the economic down turn. There were at least 5 failed banks and millions of dollars in wealth left our area due to the FDIC closing the banks and selling them off. These new owners of the banks then called many of the loans due and forced foreclosure on many good honest people.  This behavior of a few caused a great hardship on people who were barely making ends meet.  I read a passage in Micah that made me think of this situation. Check this out….

1 How terrible it will be for people who plan wickedness,

    who lie on their beds and make evil plans.

When the morning light comes, they do what they planned,

    because they have the power to do so.
2 They want fields, so they take them;

    they want houses, so they take them away.

They cheat people to get their houses;

    they rob them even of their property.
7 But I must say this, people of Jacob:

    The Lord is becoming angry about what you have done.

My words are welcome

    to the person who does what is right. (Micah 2:1-2; 7 NCV)

I believe that the Lord will bring about punishment on people who do evil to other people. It may or may not happen while we’re here on earth, but He will get the last word. I want to be a person who ALWAYS treats other people right. I don’t ever want to cross the line of honesty and integrity.

I want to be a person lives by the Word of God as my “code”. He is the Creator of all of us and He knows what is best for us. He loves it when His kids love others the way He loves. He created us to love Him and love others. When we love others and respect others, we are honoring our Father.

Pressing On!

Faithful Again

Word on black buttonWhen I think about my faithfulness – I feel pretty good about it. If I look below the surface I see how unfaithful I am to the Lord’s call upon my life. He calls me to consult Him in everything. He calls me to trust Him in everything and with everything. I still go my own way often. I still don’t let Him have everything. My faithfulness calls for complete trust.  He has all the resources He needs to take care of my situation and me. He calls me to help Him serve others. I simply need to be faithful again and again to His call upon my life.  Check this out…

1“Come, let’s go back to the Lord.
    He has hurt us, but he will heal us.
    He has wounded us,
 but he will bandage our wounds.
In two days he will put new life in us;
    on the third day he will raise us up

    so that we may live in his presence
 3 and know him.

Let’s try to learn about the Lord;
    he will come to us as surely as the dawn comes.
He will come to us like rain,
    like the spring rain that waters the ground.”
The Lord says, “Israel, what should I do with you?
    Judah, what should I do with you?

Your faithfulness is like a morning mist,
    like the dew that goes away early in the day.
I have warned you by my prophets
    that I will kill you and destroy you.
    My justice comes out like bright light.
I want faithful love
    more than I want animal sacrifices.

I want people to know me
    more than I want burnt offerings.
But they have broken the agreement as Adam did;
    they have been unfaithful to me. (Hosea 1:1-7 NCV)

The Lord wants my faithful love, honor, respect and obedience more than He wants anything. I must listen and learn what He’s asking me to do next. I should not think that my talent or giftedness will replace my being faithful to Him. He wants that most of all. If I’m faithful to Him – everything else that matters will follow.

Pressing On!