Amazing Law

legal gavel, scales and law bookI’ve never heard anyone say, “Amazing Law”. No one ever talks about the law the way we speak of grace. Every person on the planet has received grace from someone. The Person Who defines Grace is God. He has forgiven sins that are profoundly harmful to my heart and others. He’s forgiven murderers, liars, adulterers, thieves and the list could go on and on. His Grace is complete. His Grace is very thorough. His Grace is like a “hard reset” on my computer or my phone. God chooses that kind of memory with His Grace. When I really put my head to His Grace, it is ridiculous, lavish and “mind blowing”.  I deserve punishment, I deserve death, but instead I get promoted!

Romans 6 is packed with some amazing details about my new life in Christ. I came across one short verse yesterday and today while reading and it stopped me in my tracks. Check this out…

14 For sin will not rule over you, because you are not under the law but under grace. (Romans 6:12 CSB)

I am no longer a slave to sin.

I am free to live for the Lord.

I am no longer guilty under the law, I am under grace.

As a recipient of grace, I’m also called to dispense grace. I see people every day who need grace. I see people who have never known grace. I see people who’ve received grace but then they are selfish with it – like it’s theirs to be selfish with. Grace is God’s gift NOT mine. I get the privilege of delivering God’s Grace to others. It’s better than delivering lavish gifts that someone else paid for, but the recipient of those gifts think I’m responsible

God’s Grace is hard to describe.

God’s Grace is hard to define.

God’s Grace is NOT hard to accept.

I’m so thankful to live under His Grace. I’ve failed miserably trying to be a rule keeper under the law. Now that I know Grace, I want to honor the One Who delivered me from the law. I’m a better follower of God because of Grace NOT the rule keeping.

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

That saved a sinner (aka wretch) like me.


Pressing On!




'Permitted by law', under 'Legal'I remember watching Back To The Future II with the movie set in a time and place where there was little or no law. The wealthiest people did pretty much what they wanted, because no one in law enforcement would challenge them. I can’t imagine what that might be like. I’m pretty sure that people in power get a free pass on some law breaking, but they are to be held accountable for their behavior just like I’m held responsible for mine.

The problem in Israel was that they had no leader who was being used by God to lead the people. The very last sentence of the book of Judges sums up the trouble they faced. Check this out….

25 In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit. (Judges 21:25 NIV)

It is sad to think about what life would be like without the law and accountability that it brings to our society. I’m aware that many people break the law and some get away with pretty bad stuff for many years.

We are right in the middle of a presidential election. I’m not sure at this point which one will win. I know which candidates I like better than others. I know which candidates I would trust my family with and which I wouldn’t. Here in the USA, the majority elects one person to lead. If I didn’t vote for that person, it doesn’t matter – the majority wins. I am concerned about some of the rhetoric that I’ve heard in this campaign. It appears to me that each candidate has some significant philosophical differences. I’m not concerned though that the law of the land will go away with one leader rather than another.

I’m thankful that the Lord is my Leader.

His law code is the basis for much of our law code.

His code of Love, which includes surrender and sacrifice, is at the very core of our culture. It needs to be cultivated so that it grows as we learn to love and respect each other. We do have the freedoms to do a lot of things as we see fit, but there are certainly boundaries around all of us.

Pressing On!



vector scales of justice and gavelIt’s hard to watch the local news in Atlanta without being disgusted with the choices of people who have no regard for human life or any life for that matter. They have no respect for the law of the land or the law of God. It is really hard to understand their thought process.

Our judicial system is somewhat slow and it’s certainly not perfect. The people in our society who commit violent crimes are brought to justice and punished under the law. I believe if the law didn’t handle justice, there is enough good people who would not let their crimes slip under the rug.

The Israelites set out to avenge the rape and murder of a woman. She was a concubine of a Levite. The people of the nation rose up to hold the men who committed this crime accountable. Check this out…

10 We’ll take ten men out of every hundred from all the tribes of Israel, and a hundred from a thousand, and a thousand from ten thousand, to get provisions for the army. Then, when the army arrives at Gibeah in Benjamin, it can give them what they deserve for this outrageous act done in Israel.’ 11 So all the Israelites got together and united as one against the city.

12 The tribes of Israel sent messengers throughout the tribe of Benjamin, saying, ‘What about this awful crime that was committed among you? 13 Now turn those wicked men of Gibeah over to us so that we may put them to death and purge the evil from Israel.’ (Judges 20:10-13 NIV)

Justice is sometimes messy. It is sometimes a struggle. There has to be a code of conduct in our society or people who have no respect for others will steal, kill and destroy. It seems to me that even with our laws and judicial system there are a crazy number of people who still have no respect for others and certainly no respect for authority.

Justice enforces boundaries and the code of law. Laws were written for our protection and our safety. I don’t always like the law, but I’ve been taught to respect the law and the rule of law. I struggle with the traffic laws the most. When I break the law by driving too fast, I’m pretty full of myself. I think it would wise for me to slow down and operate with in the boundaries of the traffic law.

The above story made me sick to my stomach yesterday when I read it. Today I feel like the people of Israel answered the call to justice. This cowardly act could not stand and the people responsible had to be punished. To me it looks like justice was served.

Pressing On!